Our Services

Regular Valet

The entry tier for a valet of both interior and exterior. This still delivers a thorough clean throughout your vehicle and will ensure it looks amazing.


Full Valet

Our most popular valet, incorporating everything from the regular valet, then further deep cleaning and protecting the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

Interior Valet

Sometimes the inside needs the sparkle brought back too. A deep clean of the interior will take years off and make it a great place to be again.

Exterior Valet

Focusing on the outside of your vehicle, this comprehensive valet will ensure every step is taken to both bring back the showroom finish and protect it too.

Maintenance Valet

A regular service to ensure your vehicle stays in great condition and is the envy of all your neighbours! Recommended interval is 4-6 weeks.

Signature Valet

The ultimate treatment to pamper your vehicle with the complete range of processes and multiple coats of waxes for the very finest finish and protection.

Single Stage Detail

Have your paintwork enhanced with a machine polish to remove lighter swirls and scratches and bring back the gloss.

Two Stage Detail

A step up from the Single Stage Detail, this service looks to further correct deeper scratches and refine the paintwork to a high gloss finish.

Ceramic Detail

Long term protection, amazing gloss finish and hydrophobic properties. Two Stage Detail and Alien Magic's Neo HD Coating 

for years of protection.

Caravan Valet

Available in two options, have your caravan be the envy of the site with a deep clean and detail by us!

Additional Services

Odour fogging, Clay bar paint decontamination, additional sealant/wax coatings and others available on request.

Gift Vouchers

Available in various denominations, they can be used as full or part payment for any of our services.

Don't see an option for your vehicle? Don't worry, we look after almost every vehicle type, including jet skis, tractors, motorbikes and more!

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